Subscription Terms and Conditions

By purchasing a subscription from Clayroot Farm, either for yourself or as a gift, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Sharing in the risks and the bounty of the farm

I understand that by signing up for a subscription, I am choosing to stand by the farm through the risk and rewards of growing flowers. I get to enjoy the bounty of the farm but inclement weather, pests, or natural disasters can result in crop damage or in a total loss of the flowers, affecting my subscription. We take your investment in our farm very seriously and make every effort to minimize any damage that may occur. In cases of crop loss, we may source our flowers from other local flower farms. Clayroot Farm will inform all subscribers of any changes to their subscriptions. 

Subscription dates

I understand that the start date of the subscription is flexible and based on seasonal conditions and product availability. I am aware that Clayroot Farms will communicate via email to inform all subscribers of start dates.

Receiving my subscription

I understand that each of my subscription deliveries will be made to the address I provide in the check-out process. We have a new feature that allows you to send your subscription to another address. We will send an email approximately two weeks before you receive your delivery.  At this time, you will be able to indicate the new address you would like to receive the delivery. This address must reside in the delivery area. If we receive no response to the email, then we will deliver to address provided in the check-out.

I agree to receive my subscriptions on the days that are listed in the product description. If I am unable to receive my subscription, I understand that it is my responsibility to find someone to care for the flowers. I will not receive a credit or a refund for any subscriptions that are not able to be received.

Changes or cancellation of subscription

I understand that once I have purchased the subscription there are no refunds if I cancel. I may transfer my subscription to someone else, as long as they are within the Clayroot Farm delivery area. I understand that I can contact Clayroot Farm to update the delivery location, but Clayroot Farm does not facilitate any other aspect of a transfer. I am responsible for any payment arrangements between myself and the new subscriber. For any questions or concerns about cancellation or to transfer your subscription, please email us.


By signing up for a subscription, I understand that I will be added to Clayroot Farm’s email list, and I agree to add support@clayrootfarm to my email contacts. This is how Clayroot Farm communicates updates and changes, as well as what will be in the subscription each week. I will notify the farm immediately if I do not receive emails.

Selection and care of flowers

I understand that Clayroot Farm chooses the varieties of flowers included in my subscription. At this time, the farm cannot fulfill requests for specific types or quantities of flowers in the subscription. The subscription service is a way for me as a customer to experience a wide variety of flowers from the farm and to get to know new flower varieties.

I understand that flowers are a perishable product, with a variable vase life. I understand that all flowers in my share are delivered within 24-36 hours of harvest and in peak condition, and that all varieties have a different vase life, dependent on my care. Clayroot Farm will not be held responsible for shortened vase life or poor flower quality once I receive my subscription.

Should there be any issue with my flowers upon delivery, I will contact Clayroot Farm via email within 24 hours to alert them of the issue, and when possible will include photographs to document the problem.