About Us

Letter from the Owner

Growing flowers wasn’t the plan. My childhood wasn’t filled with flower gardens or flower memories, and until I was in my mid-20’s I had no idea how to grow a single flower. 

Flowers snuck up on me.   

I studied and worked in a discipline called environmental health that focuses on the relationship between people and their environment. Our offices, homes, work spaces, where we live, etc. have an incredible impact on our wellbeing and mental health. My husband and I rented a small garden plot in the suburb of Denver, Colorado to help us escape from the monotony of desk work. I carved out a tiny space in the plot to grow flowers for the bees and to decorate our kitchen table. At the time, I was one of those gardeners who grew only vegetables because I thought if you can’t eat it, why bother. I took a chance that year and never knew that flowers would change my mind about the world.  

I am not obsessed with flowers. I am obsessed with the sincere connection we have to them. We drive by a sunflower field or see a flower stand at the market and we are drawn in a way that seems magical. I love observing how flowers affect our mental health and how introducing them into our lives can change the way we live and perceive our surroundings. I am curious about how we can bring flowers into our life in a meaningful way. Our interactions with flowers don’t have to be reduced to the occasional grocery store bouquet or a formal gathering. We can bring flowers into our lives everyday.

The small garden plot has grown bigger every year and found its final place in Berthoud, Colorado. Along the way, my mother was recruited to help. Our tiny flower farm was born. We can no longer keep the joy to ourselves and have now set out to help others discover the benefits of inviting flowers into their lives everyday.  


Our Farm

We grow flowers on less than half of an acre, split between family-owned properties in Berthoud and Wellington, Colorado in Zone 5b. Our farm grows annuals, perennials, woody-shrubs, and fruit trees. Our farm is not currently open to the public, but we hope in the near future to be able to open up our fields to everyone in our community to enjoy.

Our Growing Methods

We produce healthy, high-quality flowers without the use of pesticides or herbicides. We focus on using regenerative  farming practices and are in the process of moving our farm to a no-till. We have chosen to work with nature and focus on flowers and varieties that grow well in our Colorado climate. Our goal is to prevent disease by increasing biodiversity  on our farm and through building healthy soil. We consider ourselves environmental stewards to our land and we hope to be able to grow for many years.