We are a small, family-owned flower farm, specializing in growing beautiful, pesticide-free cut flowers for floral art and design. We believe you get the most from our farm when you create and play with our flowers! Our farm offers supplies for creating your own floral designs, dried wreaths, pressed flower art, and so much more throughout the year.

Bouquet of Icelandic Poppies Flowers
Lisianthus flowers hoophouse
Ranunculus Flower Bouquet
Rebecca Anemone Flowers
Seedling flowers
Dahlia blooming flower

Flower Subscriptions|

Available for the 2021 season now!

Need flowers in your life? Of course you do! Now you can get a monthly dose of our flowers delivered to your front door during our flower growing season. You can choose to receive a pre-made beautiful, garden-style arrangement to place around your home or office, or choose to arrange your own flowers. We give you the vase, flowers and floral design tips. Either way, we like to treat our subscribers to flowers no one else even gets to see and bonus gifts throughout the season.

Flower Art |

Kits & Supplies

We grow over 75 varieties of flowers and plants on our farm. Our online shop is stocked seasonally as the plants or flowers become available. Find supplies to make pressed flower art, dried flower arrangements, plant-dye projects and so much more throughout the year.

Kits and supplies flowers
Dried flower arrangement

Floral Gatherings |

Flower Bars, Intimate Weddings & Elopements

By summertime, our flower fields are overflowing with beautiful, fresh blooms. During these months, we offer bulk flowers to create your own flower bar or floral gatherings. We also offer floral designs for small weddings, elopements and intimate gatherings. Floral designs are available a la carte so you can pick and choose which flower pieces you would like us to design. This is a great option for those on a tight budget. Send us an inquiry for our a la carte floral menu or flower bar items.

wedding flower bouquets

DIY Floral Designs

Bunches of flowers are available for designing your own arrangements and flower pieces. We keep our shop up-to-date with the seasonal flowers available (late May thru mid-October).

Our Farm |

Northern Colorado
Rebecca hoophouse cutting flowers
dahlia field inside hoophouse
Ben and tomatoes

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, on the plains of the Front Range, our tiny farm grows over 75 varieties of beautiful, heirloom cut flowers and greenery. We specialize in growing flowers that are used to create wild, textural floral designs and colorful flower art. We skip on growing flowers that are fussy and do not thrive in our climate.

We want our farm’s ecosystem to thrive so we do not use herbicides or pesticides on our flowers. Our farming methods have changed over the years. We are currently moving towards no-till methods and emphasizing soil health.

Our growing location is in Berthoud, Colorado, and we maintain a small plot of flowers in Wellington, Colorado. Our farm is not currently open to the public. Yes, we are just as sad as you, but we are working to change that in the future!

This farm is a family endeavor and has only been possible by the generosity of the people that have helped us along the way. We love our local community, and we believe in creating a better, brighter future for us all.